• Busy Beez Childcare Centre Visit

    Posted on September 2, 2012 by in Visits

    On Friday the 24th of August I visited Busy Beez Childcare Centre in Upper Hutt. I arrived to find a room full of excited, buzzing kids doing there best to eat their afternoon tea quickly so they could come and hear me read to them.

    After rounding everyone up and setting up I began by drawing a cow on the whiteboard. It took a few guesses to figure out which animal I was drawing  but they figured it out. I explained the reason I had written a story about a fly was because there were a lot on my farm because of all the cow dung.

    I went on the read the story and I could feel their excitement build, they loved telling me where the fly was on every page.

    Once the book was finished I got a brave little volunteer to come up the front so I could draw a picture of them. This was quite a hit and I could feel the children creeping closer and closer as I drew. I ended up with them practically on my lap. Once I had drawn a few kids we then created a story together and I drew the pictures as we went. We had one of the pupils as the main character and his mum over for dinner. They had a hard time coming up with 3 vegetables to go on his plate, with lots of fruit being mistaken for vegetables but we got there in the end.

    I had a great time sharing my story with Busy Beez Childcare Centre and hope I inspired them to create lots of stories and pictures of their own.

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