• Oldest Reader at 98 Years Old

    Posted on December 27, 2013 by in Reading

    I would like to congratulate my Grandma, Rita Burrell on turning 98 years old. On her birthday I found she keeps her copy of ‘Catch that Fly!’ in her bedside draw and reads it regularly. Suffering from dementia she struggles to remember who I am and everyday things. However I discovered she knows every word of my book by heart. While reading to her she was finishing sentences for me and nodding her head as if to say “yeah, that’s what happens.”








    What is also very cool is that the grandma in the book is a lot like her in characteristics. I wonder if she realizes I based the character on her.

    Throughout my life she has been an amazing role model and inspiration to me and I am like her in so many ways. I hope I too live to see 98 years old and am as great as her. Happy Birthday Grandma Burrell!







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